Tune into the Frequency of Love

golden ray/ruby/pink/orange lolThis morning I walked outside and was literally overtaken with the breathtaking beauty of our Earth. The pastel shades of a watercolor sky. The clouds magnificent brushstrokes of amazing! The clarity of the blue sky..like a crystal lake. Song erupting from the trees, sky,  and river as the birds responded to the magic of beingness.  I found myself going after my Native American flute, so I could take part in nature’s celebration, the  joy that is the truth of our being.

The new Earth is here!  We have only to open our hearts to experience it.  Try to access those energies anywhere else but the moment of now, and you’ll have difficulties, because truth doesn’t  exist in the frequencies of the old Earth energies, which are mired in the past and future.  It is all an illusion, that has been created to  keep you from the truth of who you are.

We are all powerful co-creators. If you don’t believe that, pause for a moment and reflect on your existence and the thoughts and words you speak aloud.  For you are creating that experience each day. For example, are you focusing on illness or the strife in the world. And are you then experiencing that focus? Are you focusing all the wonder and good in the world, if so then that will become your experience.

It is time to feel into your heart and disengage fully from the old Earth energies.  Disengage from drama; become the observer.  Change your thoughts by choosing  a better  more positive thought.  Voice aloud positive affirmations.  It is by increasing your own vibration that you assist others, simply by being. We only have to work on ourselves.  If we love ourselves, everything else in our lives will come into balance.

Nature does not think itself into something it is not. It accepts and flows. As a result, it is always standing in the brilliance of its own beauty.  A shining light…like YOU!

Sending you many blessings and love,

Desert Gypsy

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