Open Your Heart


If I could say one thing to Humanity right now, it would be this: Open Your Heart!

This “Ascension Process” that we are all involved in is about raising our frequency to higher levels. Everything is energy and in Reality, only Love exists. Higher vibrations are the frequencies of Love Energy.  If you want to raise your frequency, be part of The Higher Grid, and embody the Christ Consciousness here on Earth, you must be open to accepting and processing the Frequencies of Love Energy.

Have you felt, even for one brief moment, the unconditional Love that surrounds you in every moment? Have you felt that Love, the Love that makes you want to fall to your knees and weep with Joy because it’s so powerful and all-encompassing that you almost can’t stay on your feet? Open Your Heart and you can feel that Love.

When you feel that Love, you know that it’s something you want to feel all the time. When you feel that Love, you know that it’s something you want everybody else to feel all the time, too. Open Your Heart and feel that Love! Receive it, feel it, revel in its awesomeness, and then share it. Become that Love. Allow yourself to become a vessel for Divine Love and Divine Will to flow through. Yes, that is why you are here.

None of the things that people say they want can happen if we do not allow our Hearts to expand so that we can accept and become Love. Surrender to Love and be open to that expansion and you will be removing the blocks to the existence of Heaven on Earth.

You can make a free energy device and you can sign petitions and you can write letters to Congress demanding change but none of those things make any difference at all if you are not open to accepting and processing the higher frequencies of Love that actually elevate you and your fellow Beings. Embodying this Love Energy is what really changes things. Raising the frequency of Humanity is the only thing that will create real change and cause what is left of the illusion to dissolve.

If you are being Love, you will see that there are no such things as problems or fear or suffering or lack of abundance. None of those things are Real, they are just experiences that people chose to have for their own reasons. Now it’s time to let go of those illusory experiences and step into Love. The best way to help yourself and others to do that is to Open Your Heart and accept and Be Love.

Remember that if you are focusing on things and events instead of focusing on raising your own vibration to Love’s Frequency, you are actually engaging in a self-defeating behavior. The only way that you will see change and the only way that the things people are waiting for will be co-created/manifested is if people stop focusing on what is outside of themselves and wishing for things to happen and instead focus on themselves and their own spiritual development.

We have already seen that people who focus without instead of within are missing the miracles and changes that some of us are experiencing. The people who think nothing has happened only think nothing has happened because they are waiting for something rather then embracing and becoming Love.

Those of us who have stepped into The Higher Grid by allowing Love’s Expansion are witness to miracles and amazing events in every moment. We experience synchronicities, Unity Consciousness, abundant Joy, and greater awareness of what is really happening in Creation. We can see and work with energies to transmute and heal. We communicate with other Beings and receive clearer guidance and information. We help balance other people so they can move to higher levels of awareness. We are co-creating the New Golden Age of Aquarius here on Gaia ~ join us!



Are you waiting for the starships to decloak? Open Your Heart!

Are you waiting for a currency reval? Open Your Heart!

Are you waiting for other Beings to manifest here and save you? Open Your Heart!

Are you waiting for somebody to tell you what’s happening? Open Your Heart!

Are you waiting for the “bad guys” to get arrested? Open Your Heart!



Are you waiting for the Tsunami of Love to start? Open Your Heart! LOL and grab your surfboard because the Tsunami of Love is here and you want to catch that wave!

~ Love, Rain


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