~ Being in the Flow of Abundance and Standing in your Power ~


Horses are symbols of freedom. This totem brings new journeys. It will teach you to ride in new directions and discover your own freedom and power.

Abundance is a confusing subject for many people. Most of us, whenever we hear the word “abundance” instantly think about money,and that is correct (on some level) but what really is True Abundance ?!

For me, personally, it is all the wonderful blessings in my life for which I am so grateful for:The Beautiful Loving People around me that care for me, the Smile of a stranger, Nature and its many riches, those birds that keep singing in front of my window, the butterflies that play joyfully in my neighbour’s garden, my cup of coffee every morning, Songs that make my skin go crazy, the angels and everybody who is assisting me on my path who go like “yo, you little fuck! this is not for your highest good, here, let me place this sign/synch here for you” and so on. I am a sucker for the “little” Simple things that make my Heart smile and that is True Abundance for me.

As for the money, we all know that shit is dissolving, but I do consider that part of the abundance as abundance takes different shapes and that is one of it. However, I am pretty sure most of us are done with money, since it’s dysfunctional and in the end it leads to all kinds of fucked up situations, throughout life-time we’ve all learned our lessons. Unfortunately, money still exists now and many people struggle with that and yeah, I know there’s a lot of talks about financial resets and all that blah blah,and Yeah I know there are many beings working on that but I am not going to sit and wait for whatever, I choose to take matters in my own hands and stand in my power as a Co-Creator, which is unlimited and infinite. Also,Im just not feeling too comfortable with any kind of finance even if it shifts or whatever transitional thingy is worked up behind the scenes. This New Age is about Freedom, and as more of Us Awaken and remember Who they are, Peace and Freedom will follow fast. And that is already in process. So, Kudos, bros and sisters!This is just the Beginning.

Money is energy, as everything else and it’s still part of our Collective Reality, which we had/have to adapt to. Being in the flow is just letting go of all lower vibrational thoughts and emotions related to money/abundance as these just create blockages. Removing those blockages result in Being in the flow of Abundance, as everything first happens on an energetic level.For example, Im sure everybody has heard people saying “I hate money”, well, now that’s some nasty energy, and BAM, Blockage, not cool. Let go of fears of lack, worries.unworthiness as those never help and ask for assistance from the Angels, Ascended Masters or whoever you like to assist you in providing you with whatever you need for Your Highest Good and Outcome, write a letter, Trust and Have Faith that your prayers are being answered, look for the signs, synchronicities and EXPECT MIRACLES.


Always focus on what you want to Create, instead of Fear,Worry and so on. WE are MASTERS! And Yes You are Worthy of Everything!

Also, GRATITUDE is one of the most powerful States of Being you can be in, and it assists with the Manifestation of Abundance. Be grateful for all the blessings.Give Thanks!

And just in case You don’t see the blessings in your life, get a pen and paper and start writing them down. I’ve been there, done that, found a lot more than I expected, But focusing on what ISN’T, instead of what IS in your life puts a “VEIL” over your eyes.

Also, allow yourself to Receive, but also to Give. Do you remember that person’s smile and how it made you feel ?! Do the same yourself with someone. Share that Happy Energy with everyone. It makes a difference. Our small acts of Love, Kindness and Compassion make Big Difference. And This is what we want to create in this New Golden Age: An Abundance of Happiness, Peace,Joy, Freedom, Love and Pizza! Lots of Pizza!

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