Staying Centered Amidst the Chaos

f206c-8059351_xlAs the energies intensify, it becomes important to remain centered and balanced in our hearts, as ego is still creating havoc among those who remain to be awakened. It is a great time to perfect our skills of observation while staying detached from the chaos around us. This ‘chaos’ may manifest simply, as a lack of resonance with others that are functioning at a different frequency than you are.

There are many ways of maintaining your frequency at those times, such as moving away from low frequencies (If you can J), shielding, and my favorite, engaging in a mini meditation. In this way, by heightening our own fields, we actually assist others in their journey, even if they are too caught up in “their story” to realize it. Each situation may require a different response.

For example, the other day I was having a chip in my windshield fixed. The gentleman that was doing the repair seemed very congenial on the phone, and got us right in. He began to do the repair, by explaining what he was doing, but very soon launched into a big rant of everything that was wrong in his industry, before moving on to all that ails the world.

Getting caught up in someone else’s story is to be avoided, as that gives your power to them. Instead of joining his conversation, I first attempted to change the subject. That attempt failed, and I observed his ego mind was very much in control, so I doubt he could hear anything anyone else might say. As we had to wait there for the repair to be completed, both my husband and I moved out of the repairman’s space. Unfortunately, he seemed quite content to follow us around continuing “his story. ”

As I did not want to “give away” any of my energy to him by engaging with ‘his story’, I stood there smiling while I engaging in a mini- meditation: breathing into heart space, sending love to myself and to creator. In this way, I raised my frequency, creating a positive energy field around myself. I also, put up a violet flame shield asking creator to assist this being in his process. When we left we were happy and laughing indicating that we had not been caught up in a dysfunctional energy exchange.

I noticed this phenomena as well, at an apt with my dentist. I had just returned from a really enjoyable trip to Colorado, by myself, and was very much ‘pumped up’ from the experience, which I shared briefly with the staff there. The dentist, however, with his hands in my mouth, decided to tell me ‘his story’ which consisted of women being harmed while traveling alone. “Another good time to go into a ‘mini’ meditation with self and creator,” I thought . And in doing so I maintained my frequency while not “taking on” any of his energy. When the apt was over, I was still smiling and happy, and he seemed very exhausted. Ego will do that to you! LOL

Yesterday, I was talking with a very lovely being, who owns a sandwich shop. I observed that the phrases “I am scared” and “I fear” came up many times in “her story”. Despite her successes, she was living in fear of being alone when her children all left home ( a future event); despite the fact that her children all lived close and she had grandchildren nearby as well. Her unfounded fear didn’t make sense in the moment of now.

There is also a lesson to be learned here about staying in the moment and out of fear during these amazing times. Each one of these people were stuck worrying about things they could not change, events of the past, or possible future events. They were all in ego/fear mode and disconnected from their own true being. When you are in the moment you are able to utilize all the wonderful energies available to us at this time, and remain connected to your true being that manifests as peace, happiness, and love. It’s time to plug into the truth that you are!

Wishing you all happiness and sending blessings,

Angela (Desert Gypsy)

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