Archangel Message for April 1, 2014

Card Theme: Life is Beautiful

I Am Maryllisa

I Am Maryllisa, the Lady Radiant, twin flame and Unified Aspect of Haniel.

When times are hard, call on me and I will be there to bind your wounds ~ to comfort and bring you the strength and the Will to carry on. I feel those sorrows that you meet as you travel your path. But I know also that there is an infinite amount of joy and love and fulfilment to be found as you travel through life. And there will be moments when you feel the eternal peace and beauty of everything that surrounds you, encompass your being, filling you again with the knowledge and trust and certainty that what you do is right. Look for that connection of your soul to Source, so again you may experience those moments of ecstasy when everything feels so right and so perfect.

Call on me also to help you see the beauty in all things ~ to help give you an inner and deeper appreciation of what constitutes true beauty. To stand by your side when you watch a beautiful sunset, or when you watch a child sleeping or playing, radiating that innocence of youth. To stand by your side when you look at a picture or painting or sculpture that moves you. Or, as you work in your garden, to see the detailed beauty of the plants, birds and butterflies that surround you. And even when you carry out your daily chores and tasks, so you may find the beauty that exists in every moment and in everything you do.

And on those days when your spirit is low and you feel as if you are the least worthwhile of all on your planet, let me surround you and buoy you up and tell you precisely what a wonderful, perfect, beautiful Being and Spirit of Light you are. Feel my embrace in the warmth of the sun and in the whisper of the wind. And hear my voice in those quiet moments when you make time and space to talk with me. Find you inner self ~ your inner beauty and let it shine and know that for each positive deed you do, for each word of kindness, it will shine a little brighter.

Appreciate your attributes and be not backward in acknowledging your inner beauty. Try also to forgive those whom you meet who are not yet ready or able to demonstrate those same attributes, and give them more of your love or your compassion to help break through the shells with which they have surrounded their souls. And know too that I am here to support all your positive endeavors as you search your heart for your truth.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers


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