New Beginnings ~ Spiritual Fire!

A new moon occurred yesterday, around 2:46 pm, in Aries. The Sun is in Aries, too, so both planets are in Fire signs, representing the Spiritual Body. Although Moon, representing Humanity, is a Water planet, this time of new beginnings (new moons are always about new beginnings) is all about Spirit.

You will probably find yourself fired up and ready to make a quantum leap on your spiritual journey. You may be feeling impatient and look for new ways to move forward. This is a good thing because change is the order of the day and being open to change will help you let go of the past. Remember that if you are dragging your heels, Moon can intensify this tendency and you might dampen your fire with emotional baggage. Drop your luggage and walk through the purifying fire that is available to you today ~ you’ll be glad you did when you find yourself coming out on the other side in a new, Lighter place!

Mercury, an Air planet, is in Pisces (Water, Emotional Body) until April 7. Venus, an Earth planet, is in Aquarius (Air, Mental Body) until April 5. With the Sun in Aries, this brings us a chance to balance our Mental and Spiritual Bodies. When balanced correctly, Fire and Air provide explosive energy that can propel you forward quickly, if you allow that to happen.

Stay in the realm of high vibrational thinking and Spirit will move you where you want to go. If you choose to engage in lower vibrational thought processes, Spirit will be muddied ~ you will feel stuck and your vision will be cloudy. Earth and Water can help you here because they are presenting a fairly balanced source of energy right now. Draw upon the Love and strength of Gaia as she supports your physical body and you will find that your emotional state is stable.

Always look to the skies but keep your feet planted on Mother Earth and you will find the balance you seek.
~ Love, Rain

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