Step Into The Flow Of Abundance

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The big theme for me this week was the Flow of Abundance. It began a while ago but really started coming into my awareness full force on Monday. The Bridge to Freedom Crew/Team Awesome has taken action to help co-create a greater flow and remove some blocks that impede the Flow of Abundance. We are all helping to manifest and maintain a streaming Flow of Abundance for all Humanity.

There was also a lot of talk about NESARA and St. Germain’s Trust this week. But abundance, as we know, is not about money. It’s about energy. Everything is about energy because everything IS energy. Money isn’t even Real but it does represent energy in the old and transitional paradigms. Money is not a bad thing, it’s just not a real thing. If we think of money as the energy it represents, we make great strides toward stepping into 5D and creating Abundance.

The key to co-creating and maintaining a Flow of Abundance is to be open to both giving and receiving.

Giving is something we can all do. When we give with pure intentions and no expectations,  we are contributing to the flow of positive energy, helping it to grow synergistically and to flow freely. It doesn’t matter if we are giving money, giving our time, lending an ear, or just smiling and saying hello to somebody. All of these gifts represent Loving energy that we are sending out into Creation.

Any gift that comes from the Heart graces everybody around us, including ourselves. And giving is necessary to maintain a Flow of Abundance. If you want Abundance, you can’t create it by being stingy or cheap with anything. You can’t create it by being selfish or focusing on yourself or what you want all the time. Any selfishness or perception of lack creates blocks to the flow of energy.

Receiving is also something we can all do. Ironically, receiving is harder for many people than giving. Many people feel uncomfortable accepting gifts, whether it be a compliment, a flower, or a donation of money. This stems from a feeling of unworthiness and shows that many people do not truly love themselves unconditionally.

We must remember that when we accept the gifts that people want to give us, we aren’t being selfish or taking something we don’t deserve. Because we are all One, when we accept the gifts that people want to give us, we are participating in an exchange of Love Energy that benefits us, the giver, and everybody around us. If you do not accept gifts with love and grace, you are blocking the Flow of Abundance and creating imbalance.

The best thing to do when somebody wishes to gift you with Love is to accept with a smile and a full Heart. Then turn around and pass a Love gift on to somebody else. This is how we honor All, promote Unity, and co-create a neverending supply of Love Energy that will serve all Humanity. Yes, it’s that simple.

Don’t wait for NESARA or the Trust or some other program or plan to give you what you want. You are a powerful co-creator! Step into the Flow and help us manifest Abundance right here and right now.

Learn to Receive and Keep on Giving. Try saying this whenever you are stating your intentions for the day: I Intend to be open to Giving and Receiving.

Or, when you are talking to your guides or the Great Spirit, ask the following: May I always remain open to Giving and Receiving.

Thank you for reading this and gifting me with your time and attention.
~ Love, Rain

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