Equinox Energies ~ Boom! Expansion!

I took this and the other photos in this post the other day, just after the moment of The Equinox. To see the rest, visit my photostream.

If you’ve been following our posts, then you know everybody has been talking about the Equinox energies and for good reason ~ they’re HUGE! (Scroll down to see several posts about recent energetic events.)

The Bridge to Freedom Crew/Team Awesome has been describing our experiences using one word repeatedly: EXPANSION.

Or, more accurately: BOOM! EXPANSION!

As stated previously, expansion comes from within; it can be no other way. I’ve had several experiences of expansion lately, at times feeling like I was not only expanding but also leaving my body; going beyond the boundaries of my body hologram. This is consciousness expanding; your consciousness cannot really be contained if you are open to expansion. Your consciousness can be anywhere at any moment and you can guide it to where you wish to be. We are One, we are all connected, and we are everywhere, in Reality. We are literally Every Where, Every One, and Every Thing.

Expansion is very liberating. As you start to truly understand who you are, you feel more and more free from illusory, temporary things. Why would you fret over your illusory past once you realize that it’s gone and it wasn’t even real to begin with? Why would you care about what other people are doing or bother to judge them or their activities when you understand that anything that is not Love is not even Real? Remember the awesome parts and forget about the not-so-good parts of your past.

You also begin to understand that everybody is choosing to have their own experiences and that, because we are One, their experiences can help you grow just as much as your own. When you learn to love yourself and everybody else unconditionally and equally, you free yourself to expand into who you really are. Judgment, worry, fear, and other petty concerns become distant memories, soon to be forgotten completely. If you are concerned about the “bad guys” and harboring thoughts of vengeance dressed up as some type of 3D “justice,” let them go ~ Divine Justice is not something that can be understood through lower vibrational thinking. This type of thinking actually imprisons you, not other people. It keeps you from expanding. Free yourself.

You are expanding! You are a powerful, multi-dimensional Light Being created from Love and created to Be Love. This means you are bigger than any emotional or mental issues you are seeing within yourself and in others. You are so much bigger than any of that ~ let it all go and fly away. Others will follow your example in their own time. Respect their journey and send them Love.

Welcome to Expansion! Embrace it, allow it, welcome it, celebrate it and BOOM! You’re there. See you in the cosmos!

~ Love, Rain

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