Equinox Energies ~ Balance and The Power of Love

An equinox occurs on March 20, at 12:57 pm eastern time. The other day, I shared a post about all the energetic events occurring at this time, including a portal, full moon, equinox, the Ides of March. I also shared a post about St. Patrick’s Day, another significant energetic event. Here are the links to those posts for more information:

Portal and Ides and Full Moon and Equinox ~ Oh My!

What Does St. Patrick’s Day Have To Do With Our Ascension Process?

What is the Equinox really about? The name “equinox” is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night), because around the equinox, night and day are about equal length. Basically, that spells B A L A N C E and that’s a good thing!

The Equinox occurs as the Sun moves into Aries and begins a new transit of the zodiac. This is the astrological New Year! This type of celestial event creates a lot of energy that supports new beginnings and new beginnings are something that all of us are experiencing right now.

With a north node in Libra, we will be presented with opportunities to balance our service to Self and Others. In other words, since we are all One, the best way to help yourself and Humanity is to focus on your own spiritual development. Outer harmony follows from peace within each of us. More from Pam Younghans: NorthPoint Astrology Journal.

We can also expect to rise to higher frequencies very rapidly. Actually, this has already started since the Equinox energies have been coming in for a while. If we remain open and welcome and allow these wonderful transformations to occur, we will be having the time of our lives!

“In the past months you have raised considerably in your frequencies, dear ones, and in the next few days, weeks and months, this will triple (and yes, I am referring to the March Equinox and its aftermath). But do not despair or be frightened, because you are ready. You are ready for it. Trust that. Let go and allow.”
More from Mother Mary through Fran Zepeda: franheal.

Provided we do accept and allow, we should find it easier to process the incoming energies from now on. This is because most of the heavy work is done and because we are now experts at moving and transforming energy. Congratulations!

“There may still be occasional pockets of intensity, but the overall lightening of the load, combined with your expertise in working with energies by this point, should make for an easier overall experience. From this new energetic space you will find yourself looking forward, in earnest, to what your next grand adventure will be. Yes, Dear Ones, the winds of empowered change are blowing.”
More from Archangel Gabriel: Trinity Esoterics.

The Bridge to Freedom Crew feels that this is also a time when many will truly accept and understand who they are and step into themselves and their power ~ the Loving Power of Being a Love Being. It is one thing to understand, intellectually, that we are multi-dimensional Beings “having a Human experience.” It is another thing entirely to integrate this Truth and KNOW it and FEEL it.

This knowing starts in your Heart but it is also something you feel in your Third Eye and your Crown. Have you felt your Heart expand? Has your Third Eye been throbbing as if to say, “Hey, look through me and see Reality.”? Do you feel your shiny new Halo hovering above your Crown, sending electricity out all around you and making your head tingle? Embrace these developments and celebrate them when they happen.

Understand that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. Yes, the energies support your Knowing and you are bombarded with Love Blasts from all over Creation that help to lift you up but remember that it is from You ~ from within You ~ that change and progress and spiritual development come. The Light that surrounds you, your energy field, that comes from You. That Is You. It is not energies from somewhere else that make you a powerful Love Being. Those energies simply support your growth. You are the One who steps into your Power and Yourself. Expansion comes from within, it can be no other way. You are the One who manifests your True Being here. So, Open Your Heart and allow yourself to BE yourself!

I’m going to close with some words from The Hathors through Daniel Scranton. Link here.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. ~ Love, Rain

“You find yourselves now at a pivotal point in this evolutionary process. You find yourselves at the point of no return. Now that you have made it this far, you have but one remaining task on your agenda. That is to fully become fifth dimensional. What is the point of incarnating at this time if you are not going to do that? So there is but one thing left for all of you to do, and that is to just let it happen.

There is no way to become fifth dimensional. It is simply happening. You are discovering how you want to experience it. That is your only ‘job’ at this point. How do you want to experience ascension? Do you want to go kicking and screaming? Do you want to lead the way? Do you want to be asleep, awake? Do you want to have fun along this journey or do you want to follow all the rules, and do all the yoga postures correctly, and recite all the prayers, and place all the sacred geometrical shapes in the right order? Do you want to turn this into some sort of job?

Or do you want to feel the frequency of the fifth dimension as it moves through you? Do you want to let go of any need to know anything and instead to embrace who you are fully by being at peace with who you are and how you are in the world right now, at this moment, before the shift is complete? Do you want to laugh? Do you want to cry? Do you want to run? Do you want to skip? Do you want to crawl? How do you want to pass through the dimensional barrier? That is up to you. But you are doing it. Your time has come. You wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

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