What Does St. Patrick’s Day Have To Do With Our Ascension Process?

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

This is a beautiful piece of meditation music. Don’t be surprised if it affects you deeply. I could feel it in my spine and it made my whole body light up!

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the death date of the most commonly recognized patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, who shifted in 461. Most people are familiar with St. Patrick but may not know that he is an ascended master.

 Several sources relate the story of St. Patrick and his ascension. Here are four excerpts that help to put the pieces together, followed by the links for more information.

 “At age 16 Patrick was kidnapped by Irish marauders and sold as a slave to a chieftain in Dalriada, a territory of the present county of Antrim, Ireland, where for six years he tended his slave-master’s flocks. In his “Confessio” (his confession of faith, written in his old age) Patrick relates how this captivity put him in a place where he had time to realize his own sinfulness and his need for a relationship with God. This time in slavery led to his spiritual re-birth. His testimony is well worth the time to read it.”

“After a series of visions, dreams, miraculous escape from his captors, deliverance from roughneck sailors, and finally a return to his family, Patrick received a call from God through a vision, to return to Ireland to minister to the Irish people. He was then in his mid-twenties. Response to this call was the beginning of the rest of his life.” More: Saint Patrick.

 “Saint Patrick was a direct chela of Sanat Kumara who had previously brought the word of the Lord to the Israelites as the Prophet Jeremiah. He serves in the lineage of the saints of Ruby Ray, who are known for their intense, fiery, uncompromising and selfless love. Saint Patrick taught the mysteries of the threefold flame manifesting in nature as the shamrock.” More:  Saint Patrick

“In the book The Masters and Their Retreats by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Sanat Kumara tells us that it was by his calling that Patrick was raised up to be an apostle of the Christ and to subdue the seed of serpent in Ireland.”

“Therefore I, the Ancient of Days, called my son, freeborn, unto slavery that I might deliver him to freedom and to the mission of implanting the violet flame in the hearts of my true sons and daughters that they might one day carry it to the New World in the name of Saint Germain.” More: Saint Patrick and the Snakes in Ireland

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Source: Ascended Masters and Their Retreats, by Werner Schroeder, 2005

This St. Patrick’s Day falls during a time when we are already experiencing multiple energetic effects. See this post for more information ~ Portal and Ides and Full Moon and Equinox ~ Oh My!

  This is a huge time for all of us and the energies are supporting all sorts of wonderful experiences as well as a lot of clearing for Humanity. It’s a roller coaster ride with no safety bar and it’s the Ride of Multiple Lifetimes ~ Miracles and Magic abound!

 St. Patrick’s Day is the kind of holiday that also generates a lot of energy from Humanity, energy that has been building since Friday, as people planned and started their celebrations and donned their green apparel. This energy adds to the energies we are already experiencing and since it is mostly joyous energy we can expect it to help those who are having difficulties releasing to find it easier to go with the flow. I guess you could say this energy adds a touch of grace, making for a smoother ride for those who embrace and allow.

 But the other interesting aspect of this holiday is that it is largely about Ireland. Those of you who follow Montague Keen, through his wife Veronica, know that Monty has mentioned Ireland several times as the key to Humanity’s True History and that discovering this history will be the first step in restoring Truth for all of us (also note that, above, Sanat Kumara refers to the same theme).

  The Bridge to Freedom Crew feels that the current energies, bolstered by today’s holiday,  support the breakthrough that we expect to come from Ireland. Strong foundations are being created right now for the Truth to be revealed.


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Following are five excerpts from Montague’s messages about this as well as one paragraph from another source.

“I believe the destruction of the ‘real’ culture of the Irish people is what Montague Keen is speaking of, and I believe it is what was deliberately destroyed under the cover of conversion. I also believe this book contains the ‘real’ truth of Christianity, which has little to do with the teachings of Jesus.” More: The Crux of the Matter…

 “For 2000 years, the Cabal has tried to wipe out the Irish people. They are responsible for the brutal deaths on millions of Irish people. The evidence is there for those who wish to research this fact. The Cabal wanted to destroy the Irish DNA, but throughout history, the Irish have travelled and settled in various countries. So you will find their DNA all over the world. Why is the Cabal so frightened of Irish DNA? What would happen if the Irish everywhere woke up and realised the truth?” More: Montague’s Message for Sunday, 2nd September 2012.

“Ireland will play a huge part in restoring truth. All will be revealed as the Holy Land of the Aryan people – the people of the Light. Their light will shine brightly once more as they travel to the four corners of the Earth, as they did in days gone by, to share their light with others. Ireland is ready to give up her secrets that were so brutally hidden or destroyed by those who took control. The Irish, everywhere, will embrace the truth. All nations will come together in friendship, never again to declare war or suppress others for greed or control.” More: Montague’s Message for Sunday, 23rd September 2012

 “You were justly delighted to find actual evidence of Irish missionaries in West Virginia [Ogham writing, this being ancient Irish writing], 1000 years before Columbus was supposed to have discovered America. Yet another lie exposed. The Vatican wants you to believe that the Irish were savages when their so-called St Patrick and his armies went to Ireland to destroy all the evidence of the real truth of who we are and our true history. I remind you, once more, that Ireland is the key that will unlock everything. All the answers are there, in one place. The timing is right to uncover everything.

The corruption began in what is now known as the Vatican. It will end when its corruption is fully exposed and understood by those who blindly accept what the Vatican has decreed to be truth. It believes it controls your planet and all the life on it. Through the act of baptism, you give them this power. But there is no truth in what they teach. The real truth is so simple. Go into your hearts, for it is there, waiting to be discovered. Love is what you need to guide you, and it will do so. Leave the hellfire and damnation where it belongs – in the Vatican – where it was created by evil minds to ensure that you followed its commandments out of fear.” More: Montague Keen – June 16, 2013

  “All the false prophets who have preached hellfire and damnation, will disappear into oblivion very quickly. The only religion you will choose to acknowledge is the “religion of love” as was taught in ancient Ireland. This was condemned and silenced by the Church of Rome.” More: Montague’s Message for Sunday, Nov 10th, 2013

 “It was no accident that you resonated with what was told to you about Ireland, as you knew in your souls that this path must be followed in order to expose the truth that cannot be found in any other place. For that little island holds the key that will release you from the shackles of the Cabal and all that is false and negative. Because the Cabal has always feared the truth coming out, it has done all it can in its mighty power throughout history, to ensure that Ireland and her secrets remain hidden forever.” More: Monty’s Message for Sun. Nov. 24th, 2013

 Enjoy this wonderful time!
Embrace The Magic!
Work Your Magic!
~ Love, Rain ~

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