The Triumph Portal ~ Manifesting Soul Family Connections

our family2

Anna Merkaba recently shared some exciting information about “The Triumph Portal,” open for 21 days (see below). The Bridge To Freedom Crew feels strongly that one event we will see (and are already seeing) during this portal is the further manifestation and increased recognition of Soul Group/Soul Family connections.

You may already be experiencing this phenomenon as a greater sense of connection with certain people in your life. Follow your Heart and let your intuition be your guide. You know who you feel most connected to ~ Trust Yourself. Reach out to those you feel a strong connection with. Explore this connection and ask yourself what it means.

Be open to all possibilities! Connecting with your Soul Family is an important part of your journey at this time. When you connect with your Soul Family, you create strong energetic fields that not only lift you up but also help to transmute energy for Humanity and strengthen The Grid.

Check out this video and spend some time feeling and exploring your connections to other people. Now is the time to work your magic!

Theta Wave Guided Meditation: Manifest Kindred Spirits,
Soul Mates, and Twin Flames

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The Triumph Portal Next 21 Days Andromeda

Energies and information decree unbeknownst to you prior, knowledge, access to which has been denied to you prior, is now readily available for your taking.  And so, and thus, many of you shall begin to experience much upliftment, power, freedom, more information coming your way, many more such synchronicities shall be projected onto you in order to propel you in the direction of your desires.And so with the new powerful energies dearly beloveds, it is up to you to take one step, or a giant leap in the direction of your desires.  Know that for the next 21 days of your earthly reality the gates of great change and tremendous opportunity to channel this energy into the type of life you wish for your selves and others shall be open to you.

And so, you are no longer to wait, but act upon such desires, take every opportunity presenting itself to you, for the window of opportunity indeed is grand, the window of change is upon you. And so, for the duration of you’re the next 21 days of your present reality, you are to take charge of your lives.

Listen to the guidance, for the guidance that you shall begin to receive will become much clearer, the steps that you are to take will be outlined for you in your dream state, as well as your daily reality.  Pay attention to that which your way comes, take every and all opportunities presenting themselves to you. Go where you have not gone before, allow yourself to let go of that which has been blocking yourself prior. Release your apprehensions and fears for there is no place for such energies in the new vortex of time and space. For you are the brave ones who have transverse dimensions, galaxies, universes in order to arrive in your present day reality to carry out the missions that you have come here to do.

To read the rest of Anna’s post, visit

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