Light from my heart.

i love sun
i love sun
In acknowledging that without your unconscious or conscious acknowledgment of what we consider to be reality there would be no reality,we step into a place where one thing is irrefutably obvious….everything is consciousness.
Perfect bliss consciousness working through the conscious expression it is, experiencing all other forms of consciousness in one body of consciousness.Being unconscious does not mean reality is not,it just means the awareness of what is…is not being acknowledged in some form of energetic expression.
This is a universe of 3.1+1=3
Your being(body) +plus the awareness of your being does not disappear when stimuli is occurred in whatever way acknowledged.
And on top of that, the things we regard to be physical are just holographic projections of consciousness that we as conscious and sometimes unconscious beings interact with to grow and expand in the individual energetic blueprint within the core essence of what is.
What is can only be expanded on.Therefore this moment is eternal to allow expansion in whatever way what is aligns itself with.What is is you and i,the birds and the sky.Alas being aware of what is just the starting place because in acknowledging what is.Which is all that you choose to acknowledge to be.You began to see, that you are the starting and ending point of what is to be in your reality.So even along with your own awareness/consciousness, you just by yourself are co-creating with forms of conscious expression of what is.
We as beings and even all the other forms of life collectively create in unison when the totality of our reality vibrates in balanced harmonics.This moment ,we all experience together consciously through awareness,and through awareness we feel and interact.
In acknowledging our feelings and the relationship of consciousness with all that it chooses to be aware of we move into how the energy of consciousness moves. Everything truly is sound and vibration and light.even our bodies.
Our atoms(conscious),vibrate together holding the space for consciousness to reside and allow awareness to come into place.Light is the fastest thing in the universe.Therefore everything manifests through that light in many manifestations of expression, and the soul is the individual essence that experiences the awareness of being in whatever form it chooses.
The world is truly yours and mine and we share it together as one.the seed knows it is a tree even before it is planted.It just takes the steps into its own undeniable birthright given that the circumstances will be those of nurture in all forms to enable and allow growth.Everything is clearly one.Just look around.In acknowledging the skies we acknowedge the ground.
And even if i seem to have jumped around from topic to topic in this essay.all i close in saying is…the answer to every single question you have is allows where anything less than love would not.To love this moment that you are consciously  aware of is truely how to expand in the light your are.Allow the love inside to guide you.
You are free to read my words as just someone who felt like sharing something or you could think im forcing my opinion on you.Isnt it lovely the fact that we live and express together.Every moment is a joyous miracle of creation to be embraced through your individual soul expression.
Listen to creation as you move with the love of your heart and your song shall bring light to all who allow themselves in there heart to hear.That is how we expand in truth.Through conscious acknowledgement that love is the bonding force and highest vibration in which all innately posses through their individual essence.
So even if the stuff i write doesn’t make sense to you… share love after you choose to stop reading lol not only to others but yourself.Because we all are one after is is is is is you and love namaste

you and i create now.collectively.3.namaste

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