Honoring all

waterfall at shasta

Lets talk about what it means to honor?

First off this is my hearts interpretation through my interaction with the energy we call honor.Because at the end of the day Im making reference to energy movement in relation to energy and all is one.

Now lol.Honor.Here we go. lol

Lets start of with the foundation of understanding.

Everything is one. Separaton is not.Love is.All is.

So in short all is love and everything exists within the field of love.We are conscious beings from the one source that dance through physicality in the love of all.Heaven is truly now.Heaven is love for all now.In this moment.Not because of what you want to mold it to be.But because of what is.The fact this moment enable you to appreciate is enough.

Now let that sync in my friend because it is truly beautiful when you decide to acknowledge everything you become aware of as love.You don’t feel like your climbing a mountain endlessly only to have another mountain.Instead you know that whatever mountain you can metaphorically perceive is just now asking for love and guess what? you are that love.

You experience everything for a reason and everything has brought you here.here will continue in the path of your choice.

Like everything we experience it starts within first.I myself cannot honor anything without honoring my presence as the love that honors.So it wasn’t until i really honored my own presence,and then i was able to understand the beauty of honor.

Love is a river.For as we know.rivers lead to oceans and oceans turn to rivers and rivers turn to waterfalls.And waterfalls to rivers and rivers back to oceans again.so love is a river…and all those other thing as well lol

You can acknowledge this moment with the love of your spirit.The love of you which is good and fine.

Or you can enfold this entire experience honoring yourself as a being who has taken the time to acknowledge and appreciate the expression of another.Honor really gets to the bone baby.Honor lets you know whats happening.I can’t honor what isn’t so that leads you back to the question? What is? You are,All is.Love is. Lets your love for your own self experiencing this moment in love explode and hum within your heart in all you do as a being who is the light that all is as well.

this is honor.but then again.honor is love.and love is all.so i honor all in the love that is.

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