On Light and Darkness…

Light and darkness, bliss and sorrow, joy and pain — the very concepts of duality which have been ingrained in us since early childhood, and reinforced through years of domestication.

We are taught that one is favorable, while the other is portrayed negatively and therefore seen as inferior.  As humans, we desire to be in line with the favorable —  we attempt to only associate ourselves only with those essences painted with a brighter hue, and mask the facets of ourselves which are not viewed favorably by society. In doing so, we create duality not only in society, but also within ourselves.  Instead of embracing ourselves as a whole beings encompassing the entirety of creation, we project an image of what we think will make us feel secure and acceptedImage.

Let us consider this darkness (or whatever you choose to term it) — and embrace it as an intrinsic part of creation.  What if our pain was meant merely to polish us?  The darkness within ourselves may very well be what makes our light shine with a brighter gleam — like stars scattered across the vast dark sky.

The star does not fear the void,  or question it’s necessity.  It accepts it as a back-drop for it’s luminance.

I am not suggesting that we focus on the darker facets of our lives, or give them power. Rather, I am expressing that a certain reverence should be given to the dark bits of our existence which have propelled us to the state of our current awareness.  To love ourselves fully, we must embrace our whole selves… even the bad days.

Transcending beyond this duality by loving our light and our darkness… until all becomes love.  We begin to see a bit of ourselves in everything and everyone we encounter.  We celebrate the bliss and beauty, or empathize with the pain.  We begin to love others… then come to the realization that there are no others… there is no longer a concept of US and THEM…  no room for judgment.  We are a cohesive existence.  And every hue on the spectrum is of equal majesty.

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