10/10 ~ Personal Power Portal!

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Happy 10/10, Brothers and Sisters!

Today’s 10/10 Portal is magical and some of us have been feeling the energies of it for a few days now. We will continue to feel these energies for a while.

This Now Moment supports us stepping into our personal power and owning it. Balancing our three primary attributes, the ones that make up our Trifold Heart Flame, is part of Mastery. This means that we balance our Love, Wisdom, and Power. Balanced, Heart-Centered Power is not something to shy away from ~ it is something to be embraced if we wish to work our magic to the best of our ability.

Guidance I am receiving from the Flow of Unity Consciousness tells me that this is a great time to own our power by saying good-bye to the middlemen many of us have chosen to place between ourselves and Source or God. This means understanding that we do not need people like priests or spiritual gurus to act as intermediaries between us and our MotherFatherGod. We are Source, we are God, and we are also those priests and gurus. We are One. Adding extra layers, filters, and relationships based on distortions to the mix no longer serves Humanity. There is nothing to fear and no reason to ask others to interpret the words of God for us or to facilitate a connection between us. The connection already exists and always has.

This is also a time of increased Unity. In fact, all portals are Opportunities = Open Portals to Unity. Obviously, Humanity is moving into Unity Consciousness or 5D Consciousness more and more every day. If you are looking for signs of change, look to the way your relationships have been changing lately. Have you felt the Flow of Unity Consciousness?  Have you been finding more and more members of your Soul Family? Are you feeling Oneness with Resonant Souls more often? Is synchronicity a more common occurrence?

This Now is also about transcending other limitations we believed existed for us. You have probably found yourself breaking through new ceilings of limited thought. You might even hear a bang or crash when this happens! This is a good thing. Break those rules and those limiting beliefs that hold you back. Only Love is Real. Love is not about rules or belief systems ~ it is a State of Being. Unconditional Love sets you free, it does not limit you. Love is boundless and limitless.

Finally, we will see even more illusions and distortions dissolve, in all areas. Some of the dissolutions may even surprise us, as none of us can know everything in this Now. Even Lightworkers with the best of intentions have created and promoted distorted beliefs and belief systems. This is not a bad thing, it just is. All we have to do is be open to letting go of all distortions and untruths. Be open to letting go of all that no longer serves you or humanity. Let go, let go, let go ~ for on the other side of letting go is always greater freedom and the ability to soar to new heights.

It is time to stop absorbing and spreading the intentions and especially the distortions of others and start putting your own intentions out there. Step out of the shadows and shine Your Light. Let go of the old and start spreading your own, new, Love Intentions. Share your own Love Intentions of The Now! This is part of your power. This is part of your role as a Pillar of Light.

Why so serious?

Remember, portals are simply gateways to higher levels of consciousness. And there are always higher levels of consciousness to be reached. Our spiritual journey never ends. Embrace the journey and find the fun ~ there is so much joy to be found on this journey! Find yourself and find your joy and you will never regret the struggles that led you there.

I love you and I hope that you find the joy in your Power today. I see you as the powerful, wise, Universal Being of Love that you are. We are co-creating wonderful things together. And, from my Heart to your Heart, I thank you for your service. See you on The Bridge!

~ Love, Rain

Jenny Schiltz ~ Interview on Acoustic Health

Show Guest: Jenny Schlitz

Healing Conversations brought to you by AcousticHealth.com

“Psychic Awakenings: Communicating with Higher Realms
As a child, Jenny Schlitz was taken to the edge of the forest with her grandfather who showed her how to open a portal to the faery realm. Later, when her grandfather passed, she shut down her gifts and didn’t return to them until later in life when she began seeing Earth-bound spirits. She has now learned how to be a bridge between the realms and assist humanity in the ascension process.”

Note from Rain: This interview with Crew Member Jenny Schiltz is inspiring, informative, helpful, and fun!
Listen to the program here.

Archangel Message for October 9 ~ Mikaela

~ golden ~

Card Theme:

♥   ♥   ♥   


I am Mikaela, the Lady Faith, twin flame and Unified Aspect of Michael.

Life is both labyrinth and circle: I am in Michael’s heart; Michael is in God’s heart; God is in my heart. I am in your heart; we are in God’s heart; God is in my heart. There is neither beginning nor end. Without this certain faith in his heart, Michael couldn’t fight without impunity for what he sees as the truth, which is to fight for the Divine within all Beings.

I am in his heart ~ as I am in the heart of all. All of us are not separate, but are each a part of the other, as too we are a part of God and he is a part of us. Man has the choice about what he sees in others. He has the choice to see, hear and speak as God and recognise that all other sentient Beings are as he is. Or he may choose to live on the surface, fighting against the differences he sees ~ which are only superficial. If you could stop, suspend judgement and look deeper past the exterior of your fellow, whether male/female; black/white; Muslim/Jew; beautiful/ugly; able/disabled, you would see the perfect beauty of your fellow man and his true God-self, which is but a mirror of your own.

If you were to learn to see this in others and in yourselves, then you would be whole, healed and perfect and your world would be a different place. For there is at the root of each of us and in our essence an unswerving and unshakable belief in the infinite goodness, mercy and inclusivity of God, the Creator and Source of All Things, and in the undeniable Right of all Beings to be able to see, recognise and understand their Divinity and true place within the Omniversal world.

I bring you the gift of Faith, which is the bestowal of this Right and which lies at the very heart of material existence, for all those that have travelled out from Source in order to experience the rich tapestry that is Life, as they work to reclaim their true nature.

Feel the energy of love and wisdom build within your heart and within your hands, so that you may reach out to your fellow man in compassion and understanding. I am here holding a torch that shines through your darkness. Feel me strongly in your heart. Feel my energies bringing comfort and the Power to go forwards with certainty and faith in your heart and soul and know that you are ONE with all.

Text source: Inner Light-Workers

C.G Jung – The Four Major Archetypes


The term “archetype” has its origins in ancient Greek. The root words are archein, which means “original or old”; and typos, which means “pattern, model or type”. The combined meaning is an “original pattern” of which all other similar persons, objects, or concepts are derived, copied, modeled, or emulated.

The psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, used the concept of archetype in his theory of the human psyche. He believed that universal, mythic characters—archetypes—reside within the collective unconscious of people the world over. Archetypes represent fundamental human motifs of our experience as we evolved; consequentially, they evoke deep emotions.

Most, if not all, people have several archetypes at play in their personality construct; however, one archetype tends to dominate the personality in general. It can be helpful to know which archetypes are at play in oneself and others, especially loved ones, friends and co-workers, in order to gain personal insight into behaviors and motivations.

C.G Jung listed four main categories of archetypes:

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Time of expansion – Quan Yin – 10/7/15

Originally posted on ~ Channeling the Masters ~:


I come to you today as many of you are in a period of deep integration of the energies that entered your earth with the X-wave. While many of you are feeling the strong effects, understand this wave is doing exactly what was intended. Each of you is responding differently to the energies and this is determined by the amount of work each of you had done prior to the wave. Understand that all of the information, the light codes, are here to be accessed by all as each one is ready. For this reason you are in a period of deep integration. Once you have cleared density from your form, the light codes are then accessible to rewrite the programming and to change your light body. You will assimilate this information and then work on the next layer of encoding. While this may seem like a daunting task, you must…

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Spirit Guidance: Current Collective Themes


Changes are happening. There is no doubt now that things are changing at such a rapid pace. We can see it when we feel it and when we take the veil of distortions from our face. A lot of work is being done behind the scenes. Whether or not we can see everything that’s going on, it’s not important. Things are changing either way and I’m sure even the least aware and “awakened” can feel it.

 Everything is changing at a subatomic level. Sometimes the changes express themselves in a raw, straight in the face manner, or as very subtle, fine vibrational way that at times might be difficult to recognize. In either cases, know we are experiencing many changes, it just takes a while for us to process them. Things are being revealed to us at the right time.

We are evolving. We are ascending as a collective. If you are still doubting it, it means you haven’t put the puzzle pieces together, which is alright. You will, at the right time. It can only get clearer at this point. Bottom line is, all roads lead to Ascension. All roads. Do you best to lose judgement of another’s journey and adopt a respectful attitude. Allow others to experience what they choose to experience without judging it as good or bad. It all is. Detach.

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Let Those You Love Be Free to Be

“Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls”

– Kahlil Gibran:  The Prophet

Our relationships with others should mirror this concept.  Whether it be romantic love, or any relationship; love is not a manner by which to control another human being or wield power over them.

I absolutely believe in commitment, fidelity, mutual respect, and freedom.  Freedom is key.  You, and those you love should have the freedom to be your true self.  Do not allow others to hamper your soul, or mold you into someone you are not.

As we all move forward, I believe that it is imperative to take some time to consider how we interact with those we love.  We all may have been guilty at some point of being too controlling, or jealous, or a laundry list of other things. However, at this point is is more pertinent to consider whether we have learned from our mishaps, or have we fallen into a cycle of attachment and control.

I think a good thing to consider first, is that loving another is giving them permission to be.  It is not claiming ownership over that person.  It is okay to make mutually agreed upon commitments with an individual, but no one should feel forced.  Love does not have to be forced.  The more you act possessive over an individual and attempt to control them, the less freedom and joy they will feel in the relationship, and nobody wants that.

It is okay to let go of people who are not treating you with respect and dignity or who are keeping you from being your true self.  I am not saying to act rashly.  You may need to have a discussion with someone, and let them know how you feel, give them a chance to reconcile things.  Like I mentioned before — we have all made mistakes, and if we go on unaware of them we do not have the opportunity to correct things and move forward.

All relationships have bright spots and some trying moments; just as all flames flicker at times.  Let this current time of transition be one in which you weed out the relationships that no longer serve you, and send those people onward with love and best wishes.  This will allow you to focus more attention of nurturing the relationships that make you feel free, and alive.   I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and family (Including friends who have become family — YOU know who you are).   I have learned that all relationships undergo change, and that trying to keep someone in a certain mold or way of being is not constructive for anyone.  So much like Kahilil Gibran, I believe a loving relationship is best when it is like a sea between two souls — it flows freely, but always returns to the shore.

ocean wave

So much love to each of you always,


Huemanity United ~ Unconditionally


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