I’ve Got My Cruise Control

What is intuition? Intuition is our own truth, or connecting with that aspect of ourselves which Knows its own Truth.
Internally we are all equipped with a sort of alert system which directs us , much like a cruise control, through this blackboard/(whiteboard?) concrete jungle school of life.
Becoming attuned to this alert system is a discipline of being brutally honest with yourself in all potential conflict situations, in the most understanding and unconditional way you can.
This in itself can sometimes be a challenge.
As you become more honest and transparent with yourself, this system actually becomes cleaner and stronger, with very clear directions as to the what, where, and when’s of our inner Self in relation to others we encounter on a daily basis.
The why’s and who’s of the equation are much of the time left up to Source, and are given to us through synchronistic events and situations.
Synchronistic events happen when you are perfectly centered and plugged in to Source Energy.
The more you work to be aware, honest, and to trust in the cruise control of Source Energy, the more often they will occur.
Intuition is acted upon through looking at a potential conflict situation and holding it up internally to your alert system.
Do you hear bells, hear voices nudging, or see colours in your minds eye? It might be something else too, but it is there if you keep looking. You have to be very quiet and still inside to feel into it, but it is always there, 100% of the time, 24/7.
It will be something that alerts you in some way that you have turned off your cruise control, and are therefore, no longer centered within yourself.
If you keep checking in often, eventually you will be aware as to exactly what is happening, and can then turn your cruise control back on when you notice, right away.
Sometimes people live their whole lives just a little bit “off from the middle” because of one experience which threw them off at some point, and therefore spend the rest of their lives searching for the elusive “something” ,which is really just a puzzle piece of their very own puzzle which they themselves created.
Catching up with the you which is really You can sometimes feel like a race that no one else can see you running, but may very well be the biggest race that’s happening on the planet today! With deadlines and schedules to keep up with, it can be very challenging to keep going inside and checking on a moment to moment basis, but it can be achieved and worked in to schedules and lives.
With practice it eventually becomes second nature, and you become your own Truth all ways and eventually in All Ways.
Becoming transparent eventually becomes a lifestyle choice in which all of your choices actually match up and align with Source energy without even trying..
Many people think this means losing their identity in some way, but this could be farther from the truth than they realize.
Losing the parts of you that you didn’t really want in the first place isn’t really losing anything.
Living your life in the Highest and Best interest for you and everyone involved in your life will be your tradeoff.
To me, it sounds like an all around getting First Place, with a prize, dedication and banquet kinda win.
That doesn’t sound too bad, now does it?

Archangel Message For August 30, 2014 ~ Metatron


Card Theme: Restructure your Life


I am Keeper of the Gate, Guardian of the Threshold and Archaeon of Light and Mercy.

Allow my hammer to firstly shatter any illusions that you place in the way of true sight and then use it to reconstruct your life anew. Sometimes there is a need to break down the walls and bounds that enclose you or form you into something you are not, and then rebuild with them anew. Look closely and select those blocks that are true to you and be prepared to discard those blocks that are not, and in do doing recreate yourself according to your Divine blueprint and your original plan, which is as ancient as time.

The breaking up and shattering will not be subtle, but there are times when you will benefit from the apocalypse of my power and you will need to have the nerve and the courage to allow this to happen. But the changes you will be able to make as a consequence and the subsequent positive adjustments to your spiritual growth will recompense you for the sometimes massive upheaval that took place to bring it about. The freedom of choice is, as always, yours. You may choose to stagnate and make no changes at all; you may choose to continue with slow yet steady growth, if you feel this is appropriate for you. But I offer you here another option: that of stepping out with valour in your heart and with your courage in both hands, and being prepared to say, “I can do this; I will do this. I claim my birthright NOW and I am prepared to step forwards and take up your hammer.”

Know that in offering this I place before you an opportunity to finally break up and remove from your life those things that are not true to yourself, and then to reform them as you would with them to be reformed. The energy of the void is also with you, and this is the place where you can co-create with me and make manifest whatever you desire. But to work within the energy of the void you need to have clarity of thought and clarity of purpose. So decide exactly what you want; where you wish to go and then, having broken away the shell of illusion that surrounds you, simply create. Create with focus, with determination, positivity and strength that which you wish to create and I will help you. You may sit and stultify or you may take my hand and step out into the unknown. Are you ready for another leap of faith, for another giant step forwards? If you are, take my hammer and come with me now.

Source: Inner Light-Workers


On LOVE and JOY:
by Amanda


Love, is a state of being — which is all- accepting, and non-judgmental.
It is the creative force. Love is Source Energy!
Love embraces all perceived faults and sees them as beauty.
A key to a joyous life and harmonious relationships is Self- Love.
Loving ones’ SELF opens the door to a broad spectrum of loving relationships; with humanity, and nature as a whole.


Joy is a state of exuberant happiness and jubilation. The experience of JOY is full of love and gratitude.
To fully embrace joy, it is important to be fully in the present moment.
As we move forward in life, it is key do to what brings us joy. Joyful activities and expression are major components to a balanced life.

Photo Credit: Julia FletcherJulieFletcherAustralia

Welcome To The Machine

So, a few days ago I was at home sick, and sitting upright in bed. I put my head back and closed my eyes, and started breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth forcefully because of my tummy. I think because I was sick, I was already in a trance state, because next thing I knew, the following happened:
Gradually I relaxed my breathing, and then the room started to fill with a pink, blue, and purple mist. A few minutes later this hum started, around me, and then it moved to the inside of my body, radiating outwards and filling my aura. I began to hear someone speaking, in a very authoritative voice, but it was very muffled. I tried to make out some words here and there, but could not at all. The speaking was also inside of me and filling my body and my aura too. I kind of felt like a machine in a way, and the experience made me think of the song “Welcome to the Machine” by Pink Floyd. I thought, welcome to the machine huh? And then thought, hmm…wonder what this is about? Then the hum increased to a buzz. A strong pulse vibration started vibrating throughout my whole body, aura, and the room, and I could still hear the talking too.
For a second, I became scared, but I remembered the pink, blue, and violet flame energy which was now around the fringes of my room. I started to call it in, and it began pouring itself into and around my body.
I kept consistently doing this for at least 5 minutes, and then began to hear the voice slowing down considerably, much like a cassette tape that has started jamming. Haha, remember that?
I kept it up, and then the voice and machine completely slowed down, stopped, and then collapsed! I thought, I wonder if this is a premonition of the collapse of the “Machine” that this reality supports? I certainly hope So!! I’ve had visions that feel quite real, but never have I had a physical experience like this one before! This is definitely a first!!

Ascended Master Message For August 27, 2014 ~ Sananda (Jesus)

~ Butterfly Has A Message For You ~

Sananda (Jesus) ~ Divine Master of the Cosmic Light Command ~ has this message for you

Card Theme: Release

Sit awhile and be with me.

Know that I am here and take this time to breathe in my essence and allow me to release you from some of your burdens. Acknowledge what you are carrying that no longer serves you, package it up, and simply hand it to me.

See, I lift if to my lips and with a gentle puff of my breath it is gone. The package simply evaporates and in its place sits a beautiful butterfly! It sits awhile, stretches out its wings which are painted with the most incredible rainbow palette of colours, then gently lifts off, and flies away into the sunlight. Your troubles are transformed into a thing of beauty and gentleness.

All things are capable of this transformation, for all are perfection and beauty in the eyes of God. What greater gift can you give yourself than freedom from burdens that weigh you down and the opportunity to live a life full of love and peace? And know that by giving that gift to yourself, so too you give the gift to others – and then all are blessed!

Imagine now the Light that shines within you spreading throughout all your sisters and brothers on Earth. Then see it radiate out into space, touching all the stars, planets and galaxies as it spreads until the entire Universe is a huge glowing sphere of light, pulsing with love, harmony and Oneness. And this is the wonderful plan of which you are all a part!

Go with my love always.

Source: Inner Light-Workers

Being Your Own Best Friend

Things are changing really quickly now.  Life as you know it, has become a huge billboard, and everywhere you go, there you are.  Never can you escape You.  You are always lurking around the corner of your own mystery, and often have a hard time to solve your own mystery, which is You.  Figuring out You is the biggest lesson in the School of Earth.  You are the Most important person in your life, and being your own best friend is a most wonderful gift you can give yourself each and every day.  There are things we do for others, we listen to our family members or partners.  We wipe noses, give Hugs, and do all sorts of things for the others in our life to help make them happy.
  Why can’t we do great things for ourselves too?
  Holding ourselves way up there as a Best friend empowers and nutures us, and actually in the end, helps the planet too.  Each day, I have learned through much trial and error, that  a smudge, writing, and thanking Creator keeps me balanced, happy and feeling Groovy!    When we decide to Love ourselves, we stop hurting other people;  we turn our backs on negativity, and drama, and this allows for the Golden energy of Source to flow deeply and strongly through our High Hearts.  That in turn cleans up all of our issues, which will eventually evolve into higher and higher issues, and before we know it, all the Sisters (and Brothers) will be doin’ it  for themselves! 
Things are changing in a way that’s never happened before.  People, merely by being in this reality, and seeing world conflict and negativity, are actually being assisted by that very same conflict and negativity, to go inside for their own answers.  After that who knows?  I have a feeling we are all destined for Greatness…

Talk With The Animals

This is a follow-up to my post Power Animals Oracle Card Reading.

I have been receiving messages from so many animals I can hardly keep up with them ~ cricket, turtle, grasshopper, dove, dragonfly, bunny, dog, cat, toad, moth, butterfly, ladybug ~ all animals all the time. It’s a joy to talk to the animals and I am thrilled!

Spirit Space ~ Animal Totems, Elements, and Whatnot

I’ve also been collecting “animal totems” and adding them to the Spirit Space in my bedroom. I can feel them with me all the time now and I am honored to have these spirits share my space.

~ Dove Has A Message For You ~

I’ve been working on images for the messages I’ve received although I am a little behind on that. I can hardly keep up with all my animal messengers. If you haven’t seen the latest messages, you can view them here, in my Flickr set: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ocalways/sets/72157645432532792/

 I decided to do another Power Animal Oracle Card reading and again I asked Animal Spirits what messages they have for Humanity in this moment.

Continue reading

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