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Message 42 ~ By Sri Babaji Nagaraj
September 10, 2012 ~ 9: 57 pm

Oh gophers, lost in seeking the dark to understand it.
Thou lose thy time by doing so.
No power resides in there.
No why will be answered.
No question stated.

That realm is the realm of the lifeless,
the limited,
the fixed.

The true death that no soul has come to meet.
As the body completes its educational stages
the soul shall move in to the next dimensions.
Thus liberating itself from the illusion of separation.
The secret.
The fear.
The control.

I speak to thee; member of the 144,000 family.



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This is a message from the book Unplug Your Mind!: Messages from the Ascended Masters, by Ivonne Delaflor Alexander and Sylvia Dokter. You can read much of this book, including the entire introduction, on Google Books. I highly recommend it; it contains 108 messages from Ascended Masters and other Beings as well as some interesting information about all that is happening at this time.

Also see Unplug Your Mind ~ Hermes.

Archangel Message For October 19, 2014

When I received this message, I remembered posting it before (on March 11th). And when I went to look at that older post, I knew that this message was extremely relevant in the Now because of the photo I had selected to go with it at the time ~ a comet. If you’re not familiar with Comet Siding Spring, search online and check out this article as well:
Comet’s Mars Flyby Sunday Has Scientists Abuzz.

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Card Theme: Open To The Light


I AM Guardian and Overseer of the Word,
and Keeper of the Great Mysteries

The Divine Light I carry is of the deepest and darkest black and of the finest and most brilliant white. In its powers it would blind you, and yet allow you to see ALL. In its power it would deafen you, and yet allow you to hear the softest whisper within the Universe. In its power it would silence you, and yet allow you to sound the true note of your soul, that all might hear you and recognize you for what you are. This is the true Power of the Light, the essence of the Divine, given that all may see truly and experience all that may be experienced; know all possibilities presented through the eternal now.

It has the power to open you to the knowledge and inspiration that lies within Divine Mind and Will. Would you risk all to know all and BE all? As your mind hears these words it must decide whether to simply retain all that you already know and understand and accept the comfort and safety of your life as it is, or to open fully to the Light of God, in all its aspects and fierce illusions. And, if that is your choice, to then use that Light to evolve and grow, to change and transmute all that is not of the Highest order within yourself and your Life, and to risk upheaval and adjustments to all that you may currently hold dear, in order to do so. To open fully to the Light takes courage – yet it also takes but a whisper. Your true Power is endless and magnificent, but you have as yet tasted but a morsel of it. As the truth of yourself, which is God, you contain all and are all things, living and non-living. You are all time. You are all space. You are all dimensions and planes of being.

So decide now if you will allow me to gently place but a finger upon the crown of your Being and channel a stream of this Light into your energy field. Feel the Light as it enters your energy field. Allow yourself to expand to the limits that I have judged you to be ready for, whilst I hold your energies in safety and balance. And as you expand, BE the LIGHT – all of you that you are. It is no good your mind simply roaming space – your mind has to BE space. Feel you are everything – you ARE everything. Sense the joy of the potential of Union with all that you are. Sense the Power that lies behind all creation and manifestation, and know the responsibility that comes with acceptance of that Power. Are you ready to accept the full Light of the Divine as an ever-increasing part of your reality? If your soul cries “YES” with every fiber of your being then take my hand and prepare to work with me now.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

Showing Feelings, Of an Almost Human Nature…


So, I’ve been through a Lot in the past month or so. I feel like I’ve been living inside a hot air popper and I’m the only kernel!

My son broke up with his girlfriend,it was his first real relationship, and he was very sad.

Every time I was around him and he would be down, and his sadness started to trigger all kinds of things in me, things I was sure I was long done with.

Every time I was in the Bridge To Freedom message thread,   I felt like I was always talking about really sad things. It felt like I was on a downhill bend on the roller coaster we are all currently riding.  Luckily, it has to go up eventually too!

Throughout this, my daughter was experiencing a lot of anxiety that I was doing my best to be supportive in, and my son was still depressed.

I found myself almost every day, needing to go to Creator, light my smudge sticks, and just release all the things I had absolutely no control over anyways.

By the middle of October, right around our Canadian Thanksgiving, it felt like I was the poster child for Murphy’s Law: Anything that could go wrong was going totally wrong. I didn’t realize till this week that we were in Mercury Retrograde, Lol, that explains that…

At one point in the month I found my dreams moving backwards too. I started dreaming about my meadow, again, something I had not remembered in such a long long time. The memory came back to me that the summer I turned 9, I saw my family moving deeper and deeper into stress and poverty, and that is about the time when my awakening vision/dreams started.

In the vision/dream I was in my meadow, and my meadow always had purple, lilac and periwinkle flowers, tall grass, and sometimes it had flowers that were vivid or pale white/ yellow. Every time I had the vision/dream (and I say it was a vision because it was always too realistic to be a dream), I would always find my child self running and running for the end of the rainbow that was always in the sky.

In the vision/dream  I’d run and run and try so hard to find and catch the end of the rainbow, but as hard as I’d try, I’d never be able to catch it. Well in one vision/dream I ran and ran and I actually reached the end of the rainbow and lo and behold, I Finally caught it! I was Ecstatic! It was a moment of Total Joy!

In the vision/dream that rainbow was the most vivid that I had ever seen it before!

I ran up to it to touch it. I remember clearly that it felt like a thick liquid & its colors started running through my fingers… Then in the vision/dream changed, and I was in the bathroom in the house we currently lived in.

I was standing over the toilet and I remember being totally mesmerized by the colors swirling into the water, until I realized with apprehension that all the colors were now being flushed away!

I was mortified and began crying. I cried so hard in the vision/dream that when I awoke, my face was wet with tears.

Even though this happened 40 years ago, this vision/.dream was still having a lot of impact on some unfinished aspect of me somewhere..

When all was finally said & done, and I found myself sick the day after Thanksgiving, it felt like this day had been  the hardest one yet. I got home and went straight to bed. The next day I decided then and there to give up gluten as much as I could as a permanent way of being.

I started looking at that days posts, and ended up looking under ascension symptoms to see if the way I was feeling had anything to do with them. There on the site called cedars-rivers.com, was listed every single thing I had been experiencing since the middle or end of September. . Thank Goodness I wasn’t losing it after all! Lol

I think that, after understanding what I had been going through, I was able to do a final push-release before bed that day. I fell asleep that night and slept so very soundly.

The next morning, maybe it was also the result of giving up and releasing all the toxins that were in my body, but for the first time in quite a long time, or maybe even ever,  I really and truly felt like a Million Bucks!!

On Vibration and Frequency


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Everything is energy. Matter is energy ~ Einstein proved that all matter is a manifestation of energy. And energy is never completely still, it is always moving. Even things that appear to be solid, like walls, are actually moving or vibrating on an atomic and subatomic level although this movement cannot be seen by the human eye. Nothing is really still because the electrons around atoms are always moving, even at extremely low temperatures.

Many people refer to this phenomenon as The Law of Vibration, which states that everything is moving or vibrating at some speed or frequency. Things moving at a lower vibration move more slowly than things moving at a higher vibration. Vibrational frequency is usually measured using the Hertz (hz) unit ~ one vibrational cycle or one wave oscillation per second. For example, if something has a frequency of 528 hz, then it is vibrating at 528 cycles per second.

Since everything is moving or vibrating at some frequency, this means that you are, too ~ just like your friends, your pets, your plants, and the rock on your sidewalk. The rock is vibrating at a much lower frequency than you are, hence its apparent lack of motion.

It is by raising your vibration that you are able to move into higher states of existence because dimensions are defined by their range of frequency. Lower dimensional planes of existence operate at lower frequencies. If your frequency is not equal to or higher than the frequency range of a given dimension, you will not be able to maintain an existence there.

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The Fallen Angel ~ A True Story About Lucifer

Note From The Bridge to Freedom Crew: YOU are The Lightbringer!


I am a mirror to the human soul. I only reflect your darkness, all that is not with God. The darkest recesses of your soul are reflected in the vision that you have of me. You cannot accept that there are places in your souls that are dark. You talk about being sinners, but how many of you have the courage to accept the darkness within yourselves. You have spent an eternity trying to project this failing onto others and myself. Blaming, judging, simply digging deeper and deeper grave for yourselves. Yet I do not judge. It is all-fine with me. There is nothing that would shock me. I have been very curious watching you from within my space create a world that is constantly on the verge of destruction. You are such exciting beings; I am amazed watching you. You are living breathing expressions of the Creator, creating dark and fore-boding clouds in your very own reality. This has been a necessary part of the plan. You have come here from many places in the universe, bringing many issues with you to be played out. You are using the energy space that I provide to experience good and evil, right and wrong, light and darkness.

You are learning choice and free will. I have held for you a framework where you can experience light and dark. I will hold this framework until the last of you have finished playing in the darkness. For that is what it is, play. Elevate your consciousness into the fifth dimension for a moment, and look at me and you will see that I am friend, a brother, enabling you to experience a creative process that allows you to forget, to dream, and to awaken as God once more. It is to waken in the dream, to allow the God that you are, to awaken in the lucidity of your reality! From the level of non-judgement, it has all been a cosmic joke. All is God; nothing can possibly be left out, so, therefore, so am I and so is the darkness. For the darkness is a very creative process and fear in its transmutation is an experience never to be missed by any inquiring and curious soul.

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Empowering YOURSELF with Rain, Eddie, and Amanda <3

Join us at 1 pm EST, Friday October 17, 2014 as we co-create an AWESOME and ABUNDANT blissful energy project. We would love you  to join us — COME AS YOU ARE… the only requirement is that you be true to your SELF and and ENJOY! I’m SUPER-EXCITED!  :D  We hope to see you there.  WE LOVE AND ACCEPT YOU! Thank you so much from the Rainbow Bridge Crew!peace-dove-web


Huemanity United ~ Unconditionally


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