~ Ascension Guidance Weekly Message ~ 27 October – 3 November

This week’s theme is creativity. With it comes being courageous enough to follow your passions and step into your Divine Purpose. Many people believe that they are not doing enough, that they are not on the path, or they’re lost. That is never the case.  You are never lost, no one ever is. Your Higher Self is always there guiding you, always with you. It is just that you aren’t very aware of it.
You are in the unknown. You do not know where you are headed. You don’t know the destination. You don’t know how everything will unfold. And you know what ? It’s perfectly fine. It’s okay to not know everything. It’s not healthy to try and figure everything out all the time.It’s exhausting, and it won’t work.If you would know everything, would you live with the same excitement everyday ? It is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. I’d recommend going within your Heartspace more, and be Present in the Now.You will realize you are not as lost or confused as you thought you were.  Ask the questions and the answers will come when the time is right. Observe, pay attention and have Faith.
The key is ALLOWING. Allow your path to unfold in front of your eyes. Set your intentions that the experiences you are creating are for your Highest Good. Allow your highest good to unfold. This might not be such an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. It takes a new level of Mastery, Divine Faith and Trust. Having Faith that you are on the “right path” and trusting the experiences you have created for yourself, and still create in every moment, are for your highest good.
Creativity comes in many forms, it depends on the person’s preference. Some enjoy writing, some enjoy painting, others dancing, and I have only stated the most common ones. It is still a good time for reflection and introspection,and since this week’s main theme is getting more in touch with our creative nature, I think it’s important to explore and discover our skills and talents. If it brings you joy, use it as often as you can. It’s food for the Soul. Your Passions and Soul Purpose are very inter-connected. :) 
Love, Eddie ~ The Bridge to Freedom Crew Member
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A “MIXTAPE”/ PLAYLIST — for Self Empowerment

Hello all, here is a playlist we here at the Bridge to Freedom Crew came up with, these are songs/ and videos that help US feel powerful.  I will post the track list first ( and you can find them on youtube — they are all there)  then I will do my best to post links/ videos for you to enjoy.  Thanks so much, I love you!

1.  Rage Against the Machine, “Bulls on Parade”

2.  Iggy Azalea Ft Rita Ora, “Black Widow”

3.  Mission Impossible Theme

4. “Rainbow Warriors”

5. Leo Rojas, “Celeste”

6. Pentatonix, “Hold Us”

7. Bole — “Your Journey Your Calling”

8. K’naan, “Until the Lion Learns to Speak”

9. Hababam Sinifi (Film)

10. Whitney Houston, ” I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”

11. Karla Bonoff, “All My Life”


13. Meghan Trainor, ” All About that Bass”

14. Katy Perry, “Firework”

15. M.I.A. “Paperplanes”

16. Toots and Maytals, “5446”

17. Natasha Bedingfeild, “Unwritten”

We sincerely hope that these songs lift you up — and fill you with the AWARENESS, that YOU are powerful beyond measure…  I LOVE you… WE LOVE YOU!  From Amanda, Eddie Rain — and the rest of the Bridge to Freedom Crew!

Enjoy!  Listen, and DANCE!


Here’s a link to the last one, Natasha Bedingfield, “Unwritten”

Happy searching — We hope you find these songs Empowering — but even more so — We hope that you find your own mix of songs that empower YOU!

So, therefore, I decided I am not going to post all of the links to each video — Use the the list that we posted as prompts… find the things you like, Listen, Enjoy, and Subscribe — if you don’t like a song/ video… move on to the next one and give it a go… This is YOUR “Empowerment Playlist”  We are simply here to prompt you!



Archangel Message for October 27, 2014 ~ Michael

We first received this message on June 29th of this year. I know it’s extremely relevant to our Present Moment because I received it again a couple weeks ago. I did not share it then but was thinking about sharing it today. Just to make sure it was the right message though, I decided to pick another card. Whenever I do that, I ask: Brothers and Sisters, what message do you have for Humanity in this moment?

Well, I just did that and received the same message ~ again!

~ I send you my Love in every moment and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Love, Rain

Three Things

Card Theme: Know Your Truths


I am Keeper of the Sword of Truth, Guardian of the Sun and Archaeon of Divine Power.

Much of what you are discovering about how you wish to conduct your life as you walk your spiritual pathway might, in its ideal form, tie up with the chivalric code of conduct. This code is to do with having purity of heart and soul; with having strength and courage. It is having faith and trust in both God and in your own Divinity; it is having the determination to walk your path ~ even when the path is hard or difficult to see. It is having the gentleness of spirit to walk softly and treat kindly all the many other sentient life forms that share your existence. It is to be honourable and to take your duties and commitments into your heart and live them with as much truth, honesty and dignity as you are able. It is also to do with having a steadfast belief in what you know to be your own truth and to understand it, to know it, and to live it.

Truth is not learnt or acquired or taught to you by others and not everyone’s truth will be the same. Your true beliefs are those you were born with and have always had within you throughout existence after existence, regardless of your upbringing or choice of family and their situation. It is not “the truth” you hear from your priests and rabbis. Neither is it “the truth” you read in books. Some of what you read or hear may be the same as your truth, but only you will really know your own truths, for they lie at the heart of you, and not at the heart of others. When you hear or read the words of others, do they affect you to the core? Do they resonate with your soul? Do they bring you that wave of joy ~ of realisation that here you have reflected in front of you something that joins with and amplifies your own true feelings ~ your own true beliefs and understandings?

Real truth can only be discovered by yourself and by looking within. Sometimes it is a matter of breaking through the shell that surrounds what you consider to be your truth, to determine whether what lies beneath that shell remains your truth. I can use my sword to cut you free of your bonds and so transform your negativity back into the Light. I do this not to convert you to any particular cause, but to enable you to see clearly your truth revealed within yourself at last so you may decide for yourself where you wish your path to lead. Remember, Truth will always resonate with Light and with Love and with Joy. To resonate with anything else would not be of Divine Source.

Source: Inner Light~Workers

Ascended Master Message For October 25, 2014

Trees and Water

LADY KARASHU ~ Chohan of the 10th Ray of the Lightbody and twin flame of Allah Gobi brings you this message ~

Card Theme: Give Space To Your Soul

I would press you to learn ~ honor and learn the true and essential nature and essence of yourself. And to do this, you need to KNOW yourself truly; to see and understand the pure essence that is YOU.

It is easy to forget your purpose when surrounded by material life, with all its pressures, stresses, and strains. But this material world you live in provides you with the means and the leisure time to allow yourself space in which to do this. To sit and think and confront your True essence, without the need for daily grind to rule you from the time you wake to the time you sleep.

The choice about how you spend your daily hours, once all that is truly NECESSARY has been accomplished, is yours ~ as is the choice about how you measure what it necessary! But the gains to be had from making positive choices and using time with wisdom are many indeed.

Summon me close and allow me to teach you to attain the stillness within, and then to support you whilst you actively work within that space to achieve that what your soul desires.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

~ 7 Important Understandings for the Ascension Path ~

 1. Everything is energy.

   No matter how “dense” it looks to you, everything is energy. It just takes different shapes and forms, us including, therefore we are eternal Souls in a physical body. There have been made revolutionary discoveries in quantum physics, that shows we are truly All inter-connected. One. That means everything you think , feel and act is affecting everyone and everything else, directly or indirectly. Your energy field can vibrate either at a high frequency that is Pure Love, which is our authentic state of Being,  or a low frequency, such as Fear, which is illusionary. You choose the vibration and frequency you want to align yourself with.

2. Love is truly All there is.

Everything comes from Pure Love – Source. No matter the illusionary“masks”  Love takes on, eventually it all returns to its original state.  It’s all for the purpose of experience.

3. Your emotions,thoughts and experiences don’t define you.     

   They are temporary. Do not get attached to them, don’t cling onto them, and they will pass. It is part of your experience, but they don’t define you, so don’t let them do that. Make a conscious choice to release everything that does not serve your highest good within you. It is a process.

4. Transformation starts with loving yourself unconditionally.

It is essential to love yourself. It is the energy that triggers the transformation that needs to take place within. When you want what’s best for you, the universe, your guides will do do everything to give you that. Also, if you do not love yourself unconditionally, if you judge or hate or you’re having trouble accepting yourself for who you are, you will inevitably do that with others. Everybody is a mirror of yourself.  Self-awareness is the solution to letting go of that which I have mentioned above, and when that is being released, only Love for you and for All remains.

5. Balance is Key.

And since everything starts within, it’s important to be balanced within first (e.g: balance of the 4 bodies – spiritual,physical,mental,emotional, balance of Love, Power and Wisdom, aka the threefold flame etc.). Not the other way around. Change starts within always, and it reflects on the outside through the experiences you are having. Often people are pushed to the extremes, however, it’s just an opportunity for you to find the balance.It’s a matter of perspective. So find the balance within yourself, and you will instantly find the balance in your daily life, that will only lead to a more peace~full, joy~ full lifestyle.

6. You create your own reality.

We are Co-Creators. Nothing ever happens to you that you did not agreed to. You are 100% in charge of your reality, as you have Freewill, and the power of Choice. Every day, decide what you want to create in your life and state your intentions clearly. Your intentions are very powerful and they will manifest In ways that are for your highest good. Do not fall for the “victim” state of being, where  you blame someone else like the government, people, God, or yourself, for what is happening to you. Don’t involve yourself in the “blame game”, and take responsibility for the energy you are putting out in the universe, that is what you’re going to get.

7. It’s okay not to be okay!

 Often, many people perceive being spiritual as being positive, joyful and poop fairy dust all the time. While, yes, we find ourselves more joyful after letting go of all the “stuff” that no longer serves us, that’s not all being spiritual means. It is quite a complex subject and it is different from person to person. However, we all have moments, we all feel down sometimes as we’re currently on the Transformation Roller-coaster. It doesn’t make you “less spiritual”, and we’re also not on a competition. I have actually observed people trying to run away from their emotions and feelings, suppressing them, not dealing with them, and masking them with a happy face.  Let me tell you, it never works.  At some point you’re going to have to deal with the “darkness” within. That is how it transforms into Light, and you’ll realize it all worked for your highest good anyways, and that it was part of your learning process. It was always Light in essence.

  Love, Eddie ~ The Bridge to Freedom Crew Member

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Huemanity United ~ Unconditionally


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