~ Ascension Guidance ~ Integrating Greater Understandings within Our Being

There is so much Truth Information available for everybody nowadays on the internet, books etc. Most of this information speaks the same Truths, it is all a matter of words choice and the person’s unique way of sharing the Truth (With this occasion I’d like to say a big “Thank you!” to All who are dedicated to sharing their Truth, Gifts and Love with the World. Know that your efforts are deeply appreciated and that there’s always a person out there who needs to hear, see or feel that which you share.) 
 Now, let’s say you read an article that you resonate with, watch a video or in your meditations you receive Divine Knowledge about certain concepts, topics, aspects of life etc. What do you do with it ? Are you integrating it within your Beingness or are you just skimming through it ? Ask yourself these questions.When we choose the road to self-mastery, integrating the Knowledge and embodying the qualities that are of resonance to us, in everything we are and do in every moment is an important step in our progress. This is what the expression “walking the talk” is about -integration-. Own your Truth, Integrate it and live by it. Discernment is important. Be open to New Knowledge, but check in with your Heart always when reading, listening, or when you’re receiving any kind of information. Does it resonate with you ?
People often think that they are not capable of reaching Higher Understandings, that they are just not “wise enough,” or they perceive all that as too complex, unreachable and too much for our brains cause we’re “only human”.  When you think like that and when you underestimate the Human Nature you stop expanding. There are many things about the Human Nature that are yet to be discovered. It is time to realize how powerful we truly are in a Higher State of Being. 
Reaching a Higher Understanding and Knowledge doesn’t mean acquiring a bunch of information or that the more complex the information the better. On our Ascension Path, it all starts at the basics and there are certain levels. Once you truly understand and integrate the basics, you will eventually expand into more complex subjects,concepts etc. and eventually reach a Greater Understandings. However, it all comes down to the basics. 
What I have learned is that if you do not know how to explain something to a fifth grader, that means as simple as possible, then you do not understand it either. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” Da Vinci said. That can’t be more true. Sometimes we tend to overanalyze, overthink, complicate everything and other stuff like that associated with the left brain. If you feel like that I’d recommend doing something more creative and fun like dancing, painting, singing, meditating etc. to balance the overactive left brain. Also, connect within your Heart often. Isn’t everything simple when you do that ?
Love is Simple and Simplicity is Key.
The Bridge to Freedom Crew Members have started a Resource Center with helpful, basic information that we are currently still working on. If you’d like to check it out Click Here.
Much Love,
Eddie ~ The Bridge to Freedom Crew Member
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Free Online Oracle Card Readings and More ~ Updated ~ Thirteen New Links!

Four Elements, Four Bodies, Four Cards

I have updated our page Free Online Oracle Card Readings and More with THIRTEEN new links!

Check it out here: http://thebridgetofreedom.org/list-of-free-oracle-card-readings-online/ or by looking at the top of any page of our two sites.

Additional card sources are available to you now and you can also consult runes, a Mayan oracle, or tea leaves, and receive daily positive affirmations.

~ Enjoy and Happy Reading ~

~ Rain, Bridge to Freedom Crew Member

P.S. I Love you, Brothers and Sisters!

~ Ascension Guidance Weekly Message ~ 17 – 24 November

*This image is a lot like a dream I had on Saturday about the New Wave of Light. except the Light was coming from a volcano, and I was with dragons LOL. The energy was very blissful and serene.*

This past weekend, we had a new wave of Light pouring into the Planet that allowed Deep Healing/Activations to take place within us. That will continue this week as well and it will assist us in stepping into our Divine Hue~man Template and with healing on all levels: physically,spiritually,mentally and emotionally.
Up until now, we’ve been in this almost constant clearing, releasing that which no longer serves within us and inevitably outside us, because as the inside shifts, the outside does too. I cannot say this is over, as there are many layers of illusion to release and it all depends on each individual’s journey and choices. However, many of us have stepped into our Divine Potential as Co-Creators/Masters now. We have learned compassionate detachment and we can see every challenge for what it is: a learning lesson and an opportunity for growth, which propels us in a state of gratitude.
Everyone wants to be happy and joyful. What’s important is being motivated and persistent in achieving that state of being. Ask yourself: Am I doing everything I can in every moment to be happy,peaceful and in joy ? By that, I don’t mean the external temporary happiness. Genuine happiness, which is our Divine Birthright, always comes from within. As we align with that frequency, the external follows, as our Reality shapes itself according to our Consciousness. This is what’s going to come up this week for many people, in different ways ~ It is time to take responsibility for our State of Being and make steps towards that which we want to experience. If you don’t like something, you have to have the Will to change it.
This week is about expanding to greater possibilities, ideas, guidance, clarity and vision. Many might find themselves in the Unknown once again, or experience “crossroad moments.” The Unknown doesn’t have to be feared, it’s quite exciting actually, it’s an opportunity to integrate a Higher Knowing, Faith and Trust that everything works out well when you follow your Divine Guidance and Heart. The New Moon in Saggitarius on 22 November will assist us with that; with stepping into the Unknown with confidence and being open to New life adventures we can fearlessly embark on if we choose to.
We are Now seeing the world with new eyes, as we let go of false perceptions. We are learning to be the highest aspects of ourselves in human form,  ~ Masters ~ , and we are doing  a great job so far. I think we should all pat ourselves on the back from time to time and realize that as Forerunners we are breaking new grounds, without having an Ascension manual.*Highfives* brothers and sisters!
Much Love,
Eddie ~ The Bridge to Freedom Crew Member
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Ascended Master Message for November 17, 2014

All You Need is LOVE

Lady Master Magda
~ Chohan of the 14th Ray of Higher Spiritual Truths and Bearer of the Magdalene Flame ~
has this message for you:

Card Theme: Love Overcomes All

Love is clear; it is pure, and it is a complete and perfect essence of innocence and joy. This is why I give my Flame to you now ~ to help transform all that you think, say and do with the purity and love that is the Divine essence of you. The Violet Flame will transmute and transform all negativity into positivity and when used hand-in-hand with the silvery-blue energy of my Magdalene Flame, will bathe all those energies it meets and challenges in the pure Light and Love of God. This is the means by which all may be returned to their original state prior to separation from Source and the God-head.

You too were once in this state of innocence, when as a spark of Light from the One Flame you exploded into existence ~ a pure, perfect and joyful emanation of the Divine Creator. And it is to this state that you seek to return, and hence the reasons behind your incarnations and many lifetimes and experiences of learning and growth. The lessons and learning are all a part of the journey that you are making in order to return to re-union with the Divine Creator as a pure, joyful and all-knowing, all-understanding and all-accepting Being of Light.

Love is the ultimate power. Light may banish darkness, but only love can overcome it. When the heart is at peace, the body feels peace. When the heart gives out love, the body knows that it is loved also. When the heart blooms and blossoms in the full Light and Love of God, so too you will find that the body is enveloped and surrounded by an infinite compassion and strength.

So use my gift of the Flame to help transform your life, spreading Innocence and Love to all and speeding your journey home.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

11/11 and Other Shifts ~ My Recent Experiences ~ Abundance


I wanted to write a follow-up to my post 11/11 ~ HUGE! Stargate ~ Timegate ~ Portal ~ Gateway. So, here goes…

Coming off the lunar event a few days earlier and with some solar flare activity, etc., it was an intense week for me and most everybody else. As I said, pretty much everything in my life is changing right now and it was unsettling at first but I am working through all the changes and I am ecstatic to step into my new life and embrace my new blueprint. I jumped! No fear! It’s all good and I trust my plan. I know that whatever happens it will be for my highest good and I am embracing this opportunity to experience different feelings, emotions, and activities. I am committed to being a detached observer of outside events and it gets easier all the time. I have so many moments of transcendent bliss that I know I am on the right path. Simply put ~ I am excited and I look forward to all that happens next but I have no expectations and I always try to focus on The Now. I go within for answers and information and I am constantly working on creating a more clear connection with my guides and other Beings with whom I communicate. I am clearing my mind and my vessel. Fine-tuning things, as it were…

So what does all that have to do with 11/11? Eh… everything!

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~ Ascension Guidance Weekly Message ~ 10 – 17 November

           These past weeks and even months, you might have found yourself releasing old baggage, that you thought you already released, or you did not even know it was there in the first place. You’ve found yourself being sad, irritable, frustrated, fearful, angry, confused etc. It Is important to know and understand that this is all normal and you are not the only one who has been experiencing this. Don’t be hard on yourself for some words you might have said to others during this period, or for the words someone might’ve said to you during this period. Do not take anything personally. These are lessons and opportunities for you to learn to master yourself(your emotions, your thoughts etc.).Invoke the Violet Flame as often as you can. It is our best tool to transform low vibrational energy into higher vibrational energy. You can call upon Saint Germain for assistance. He’ll be happy to help you with it.
             During moments  of great release,such as these, nurture yourself! Pamper yourself even. We are undergoing a difficult process, especially as Forerunners. It’s even harder for us. You who are reading this, are most likely a Forerunner. KUDOS! And keep going, you are doing great. Usually, after a breakdown, you are going to experience a breakthrough and you will reach a higher state of Joy, Balance and Inner Peace. You learn to cope differently with situations and challenges and it just gets easier.
        All the release up until now was to prepare you for the 10/10, 11/11 and 12/12 gateways.This week will be a big boost on the path for those who are ready for it. This 11/11 Portal is a Unity Consciousness Portal(aka Christ Consciousness).
            Some people will feel guided to a certain group, or certain individuals. This is because we are reuniting with our Soul Groups more and more and the 11/11 Unity Portal will set the stage for that. That doesn’t mean we’re not all working together for the same purpose(Ascension), it’s just that as I have said before in a previous post, there are different missions assigned to a different Soul Group or individual. All are Divinely Orchestrated by us and we call the inter-conectedness of those paths our Collective Reality.
     This is the same for twinflames and other 5D relationships. More twin flames/companions/soul mates will be reuniting, as we go through this Unity Portal as well. So, follow the signs, messages, dreams, visions, synchroncity and especially your Heart. It won’t ever lead you astray.
           Once again, we’re moving UP, collectively. After a period of cleansing, now, our bodies are able to hold even a greater amount of Light.  Many will  notice their Lightbodies being upgraded, some will notice their new chakra system being activated, it all depends on the individual’s path and choices. The energy of this 11/11 Portal will also assist people to experience multi-dimensionality even more consciously, as the layers of the illusion are being removed from within.
             All this, however, is a process, it won’t happen overnight. Make sure you keep  hydrated, so the energies can flow freely within your body. Water is a great conductor, now since the weather is colder and colder you might enjoy a hot cup of tea, I know I do. It’s calming and it’s a great tool to release stress within the body/mind.
Much Love,
Eddie ~ The Bridge to Freedom Crew Member
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11/11 ~ HUGE! Stargate ~ Timegate ~ Portal ~ Gateway

The Light at the end of the tunnel is you.

I’d like to start off this post with something I shared on Facebook today ~

11/10/14 ~ Today’s theme is Letting Go in preparation for the BIG 11/11 Portal/Gateway. Those energies are already coming in so if you’re feeling intensity and lower vibrational emotions/thoughts, LET THEM GO. LET IT ALL GO. Take time for yourself and embrace who you are. Accept and go with The Flow, do not resist. Be grateful that you are able to overcome the challenges that YOU CHOSE by choosing Love to overcome them. This is a win/win game. Choosing Love and Letting Go are how you get to the Serenity Prize faster and easier. Press the Easy Button – Choose Love! We are ALL in service to each other. There are no “bad guys.” Take responsibility and liberate yourself. Ask for assistance. You are surrounded by Love and all you have to do is let it in. I Love You and I will see you on the other side, Beloved Master! *hugs*

Now I’d like to expand on the 11/11 Gateway, based on some of my own feelings and some discussions I’ve had with El Morya, Lady Nada, and The Elohim.

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Huemanity United ~ Unconditionally


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