Ascended Master Message for September 17, 2014 ~ Quan Yin

Quan Yin, Bodhisattva of Compassion, has this message for you ~

Card Theme: Forgiveness

Love * Forgive * Free

What is Karma? Well, let me tell you this ~ it is not designed as a punishment.

All of life presents you with lessons to learn, for that, after all, is the point of being in physical existence. If you had nothing more to learn, or if you had chosen not to learn but to remain in ignorance, then you would not have left the Heart of God. And you have a need to see and experience both sides of any situation and to live through all the many polar aspects of life ~ happy and sad; calm and stormy ~ to truly reach understanding. And through experiencing all of life and feeling your reactions to them, you gain the realization that all actions have consequences, and that some actions bring you closer to the harmony of your Christ-self than others.

As returning to God is your ultimate goal, then you need to learn how to live as a loving, compassionate and merciful Being of Light. And you will find that it is following that path that will bring the most peace to your soul and most joy to your heart.

Can you imagine a life full of peace and joy? You create your own reality and can make your choices accordingly every day: to be humble and forgiving, loving and giving in every thought, word and deed. So make the effort to unburden yourself daily of all hurts, troubles, and upsets and sincerely ask for my Flame of Forgiveness and Mercy to transmute wrongs done to you, or that you have done to others and I will intercede for you.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

~ Returning to Innocence ~


I had a very moving experience the last weekend of August. Over the period of a couple days, I knew that something was happening ~ that I was transforming again in some way; once again reaching a higher level of consciousness. I wasn’t sure if something more specific was happening, like another initiation, or not.

Then, when I was meditating, I had two visions and received impressions that clued me in to what was going on. The first vision I got was of a gray kitten in a play pose. Very cute! I see animals a lot so I figured that Kitten was bringing me a message.

My vision of Gray Kitty was brief and was followed immediately by a vision of myself. Or myself when I was 11. It was a vision of my school photo when I was 11 years old. I thought that was interesting but wasn’t sure what it meant. And then I realized this vision was not going away.  LOL The photo just stayed right there… in front of my face.

Then, the feelings I was getting, the impressions, helped me figure out what was going on. It was being pointed out to me that I had “Returned to Innocence.”

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There were Rats and Cats and Elephants…

rats and elephantsThis week has been the most amped up week thus far in mine, and in many others, lives, energetically speaking.
It felt like the roller coaster took another turn, but this time went down a whole new piece of track at an most accelerated speed!
Ha, I’m glad I had my tools as a seatbelt, cause I found that I needed far more use of them this week because of these energies too.  It felt like I had a lot more to deal with than usual, and a lot if other people around me said much the same thing…
So,  I was declared legally blind in one eye in recent years, ( the other eye is perfectly fine in compensating)
One bonus of this is that I am beginning to see very interesting visions, colours, and images in it, that the other eye just cannot see.
One experience of this happened the other day.  I was sitting in the dark, when I saw that something gray was moving towards me, and as I kept looking, it morphed into a herd of elephants, running very excitedly towards me.  Then I saw tiger running towards me as well, in the same manner.  When I told a dear relative who practices Native Tradition about my visions before, she asked me if I ever tried to speak to the visions or images.  It had never even occurred to me to do this before, but this time I decided that I would.  When I  asked who they were I felt/ heard:
“It is your people.   Today we speak about peace.  Peace is the foundation for the New Reality.  Henceforth all shadow beings must show commanded respect to all Beings of the Light.
Failure to do so will disallow them to venture into this Reality.  The anger that most people show in the reality you all currently find yourselves in is just a reflection of an old way of being.  It is now being released fully.  Your son ( who has a lot of anger issues) is one of the ones presently releasing anger, and your Love and compassion and that of others around him are managing this transmutating task very well indeed.
Transmutation must take many forms in this reality for all are individuals and all possibilities must be faceted.
A diamond shows its facets in this way, and so as your High Diamond Hearts begin and continue to align with the new energies, your Diamond facets will lead you gradually into the Higher levels of your own Light.”

Later when I looked up elephant, I found a Beautiful write up on it here:

And when I looked up tiger, this is what I found here:

Since then, I have been seeing elephants everywhere, & you wouldn’t think that kind of thing could happen in Canada, lol!
I feel that elephant, with its sense of compassion and community could perhaps even be the mascot representation for the new Reality.  Elephant is the biggest land animal, is the most compassionate animal, and sets the best example of community there could be.  We could all stand to learn so much from this amazing and much revered animal…

Love is Absent of Judgement and Sees Beauty in All Things

  As we, as individuals, and moreover as a collective transform and move forward in our spiritual path, or life journey — it is important to pause for a moment and consider the topic of judgement.

    The Dalai  Lama said, “Love is the absence of Judgement.” 

    One important item to consider, is that this is not a competition.  We are not here to develop a “spiritual arrogance” or a “holier-than-thou attitude”,  nor to prove to others how much more “enlightened” or further along the path we are.  We are all on different journeys, and at different levels of growth.  Everyone has their own unique piece to add to the collective puzzle, and every piece is beautiful, and perfectly sculpted.

   Another important aspect of this topic, is to with-hold judging ourselves.   Let go of the guilt and anger you may feel for perceived mistakes you may have made in you journey.  You have always done your best given your circumstances — and you have learned in such a way to propel you forward, both NOW and in the days to come.   Many of us compare ourselves to others, and this too is casting judgment upon ourselves.  When you try to mold yourself in the image of someone else, you are doing a disservice to the unique and glorious being that is YOU.  

  Of course there will be those that you approach that you disagree with, or may even choose not to be around.  That is your discernment.  However, when you use that as ammunition to seat yourself as superior to that person, you are actually hindering yourself.  Look for the beauty in EVERYONE.  Even those that you choose to separate yourself from are beautiful, rare, unique souls on this journey we call life.  You do not have to give these individuals your energy, but at least leave them with your respect, love, and best wishes.  

   Try this, as you approach people in your day to day life.  Look for the beauty in everyone — not the faults.  Most individuals are well aware of what they feel are their flaws, and far less people see their true beauty.  Be a mirror for these individuals — to show them most beautiful aspects of themselves.  Sometimes this is as simple as a smile — or a passing compliment.    The smallest acts can have the biggest impact on someone, so choose to react positively.

         So much love to each and every one of you gorgeous souls.  I hope that this moment is a blessing for you.

             32606_618892678138964_275274280_nMuch Love Always,

                                                                                         <3 Amanda <3



Archangel Message For September 12, 2014 ~ Shekhina

Looking Glass

Card Theme: LOOK for me WITHIN


I am Shekhina, the Lady Patience, twin flame of Sandalphon.

As you search on your journey for the Truth; as you seek to find that which you know to be the real you; to find your life purpose; to know how to follow your path with joy and with equanimity, so your search takes you in ever widening circles as you look beyond and outside yourself for help, guidance and advice that will bring you that which you seek and that which you feel you need. But that which you seek is not to be found in such places. Instead it is to be found hidden deep within your energy body, at the very centre, at your very core and I surround, enclose and protect that with my energies.

This is the part of you that has existed and will exist throughout eternity. I am its guardian and its keeper; its protector and its acknowledger. I wait for you to connect and understand your roots; your patterns; your existences in many times, places and dimensions through space and throughout eternity. And to acknowledge that within yourself resides a part of you that is both constant and never-ending ~ the part of you that is directly connected on an intimate and High level to Source ~ to the Creator, to God himself.

Understand that your consciousness is constant. It is unwavering. It absorbs, acknowledges and passes on all that it experiences, without judgment, comment or criticism. Know yourself to be an energy body of Light, a child of God in Truth. Know that the physical vehicle that you inhabit is here to transport and enable you to carry out the role that brings you the experiences you need and have asked for in this lifetime.

Through the lessons that you learn, you gain understanding. Without experiencing all that life has to offer you cannot truly learn. Thank your Self for the instruction, planning and design that has brought you exactly what you need to evolve and grow. Know how you have conceived and created so wonderfully step by intricate step over many lifetimes all that has brought you to this time and place, and know also that you have laid the foundations to take you onwards to more expansive and even greater things.

Go deep and look to the core of your Being. There will you find me, and there too will you find the path to enlightenment.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

Don’t Be Misery’s Company!

Life is Good

Today (9/11) is the kind of day when a lot of people will go out of their way to manipulate you emotionally. They might want you to feel afraid, or angry, or guilty, or sad. They might have different reasons for trying to manipulate you and some of them might not even be aware that they are doing it.

Just remember that you are responsible for how you feel, not anybody else. If you don’t want to feel afraid, or angry, or guilty, or sad, then don’t let them get to you. Walk away. Don’t engage in drama. Don’t be Misery’s Company. Don’t give others the lower vibrational energy they want. It accomplishes nothing except to help the illusion linger longer and keep you from your path.

Smile. Shine your Light. Don’t worry. Be Happy. Remember why you are here, spread your wings, and raise the vibration. The past is done and our bright, amazing future is where it’s at! Love is all we need.

Ascended Master Message For September 10, 2014 ~ Master Rakoczy

Note from Rain ~ This message first appeared for us on May 3, 2014 but is just as relevant, if not more so, in this moment.

Bring it on!

Master Rakoczy, Chohan of the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic, has this message for you:

Card Theme: Self-Empowerment

Look around you. See, sense and feel with all your senses. Touch all that is there.

You seem solid too, a 3 dimensional body in a 3rd Dimensional Universe. And yet you are so much more, as too is the world about you. Fibers of energy and information surround you and interpenetrate your Being to the very core, just waiting for you to identify and access them.

Have the confidence to find out what you are and what you are capable of, firstly through exploring your own inner pathways:

If you have questions ~ ask them firstly of yourself.

If you are unsure of your pathway ~ see firstly if the map showing you what you need to know is within you.

If you need healing ~ find out how you may help yourself to heal. What is it that is holding you back, or restraining you in a place of dis-order?

There are many Beings, including myself, in physicality and not, who are here for your support ~ to guide you and help keep you upright as you find your own way in the world. Call upon me now if you will, with the understanding that a true teacher and guide will love and empower you and give you the confidence and strength to discover all you need for yourself. For no-one else can live your life for you. No-one else can make your decisions for you and no-one else can take responsibility for you and your actions.

You are as you are ~ which is in truth a perfect all~knowing, all~seeing, spark of the Heart and Mind of God.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

Huemanity United ~ Unconditionally


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